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A summer playlist for your chill and relaxation moments by the Best Western Plus Vannes Centre-Ville


The playlist you absolutely must know and take with you everywhere!

For the summer months, we have put together a summer playlist, specially designed for you... To listen to alone, with friends or family, to liven up your days and evenings.

Our special summer playlist is made up of chill music, to help you relax and unwind at any time. It is suitable for people of all ages.

Feeling blue? Feel like some mood music? Or simply want to listen to some quiet, sunny music?


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playlist été chill détente hôtel Best Western Plus Vannes Centre ville


Music in the skin during your holidays in Morbihan and not only...

What could be better than music to bring joy and good humour?

Whether in the middle of the day, in the evening or at night, music carries you away and leaves you in a relaxed and sometimes euphoric mood. Did you know that music is a remedy for certain problems or states of mind? Depending on our mood, music gives rhythm to our feelings and brings us well-being and serenity.


Opportunities to listen to our summer playlist at the hotel or elsewhere

Any occasion is ideal to listen to our summer playlist!


 Fancy a chill drink? 

Imagine yourself relaxed, with a refreshing drink in your hand and the sweet smell of barbecue... but there's one thing missing: music. Stand out from the crowd with trendy music and surprise your guests with our summer playlist by Best Western Plus Vannes Centre-ville.


 Going for a bike ride? 

Pedal your way through the city with relaxing music that will make you enjoy your bike ride.

Did you know that our hotel is a member of the Best Western France® bicycle touring promise? Make the choice of discovery and sustainable tourism in the Morbihan region and opt for our bicycle touring offer.


 On the beach... 

What if music made you tan more? A miracle solution that everyone would love... Our playlist doesn't give you an extra tan (unfortunately) but it does help you to appreciate those sweet moments of relaxation on the beach, by the sea.


 A motivational aid 

Listening to music is a good way to motivate yourself to do different tasks. Whether you're working, cleaning, playing sports or just moving around, get your music fix and motivate yourself!


 On a deckchair, in our patio 

With our Cocktail of the Month in hand, escape with our playlist and enjoy the moment. Sip your drink in a good atmosphere and enjoy this privileged and unique moment ;)


 Spot with sea view 

Having a drink or enjoying good food on a terrace with a view is tempting. But with a chill summer playlist, it's even better! Discover our good addresses in Vannes, for a most idyllic moment.


 On public transport 

How can you make your journeys more enjoyable? Arm yourself with your headphones and press "PLAY" to launch our tropical summer playlist. The distance you travel will seem shorter ;)

when to listen to the summer playlist tropical vibes chill best western plus vannes centre


Spring is in full swing in Vannes in Morbihan

The sun is coming out and there are plenty of outdoor activities to do. If you don't know what to do in spring, we suggest a multitude of leisure activities to do when the weather is good. Take the opportunity to listen to our playlist and be sure to have the best time in Vannes!