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Consuming locally and responsibly in Vannes


Packing for zero waste

Our way of consumption is evolving and zero waste is becoming more and more attractive. Whether it is at the economic, environmental or practical level, buying in bulk grocery stores has many advantages, not to be neglected!

Bulk grocery stores help fight against food waste. Opt for the right quantity, by buying only the quantity you want and need.

Reduce packaging, especially plastic, for a more sustainable world, that's what bulk grocery stores advocate. Come with your own containers, jars, cloth bags, airtight boxes... for responsible shopping. Some of them are back to the deposit system: each time you restock, bring back your deposit for one of the best environmental approaches.

Consume locally by buying in these grocery stores. Indeed, bulk food allows you to create a close link with local producers and thus contribute to the success and support of these producers.


 Ready to move towards zero waste? 


A zero waste stay

During your stay in Morbihan, take the opportunity to consume better and to go zero waste.

Bulk grocery stores are an alternative that is still not widely used but is very practical. Your stay being more or less short, you sometimes have difficulties to find the quantity adapted to your needs. Thanks to bulk grocery stores, you can buy only the quantity you need for your trip to Vannes.


Want to have a picnic by the sea?
The Gulf of Morbihan is full of breathtaking landscapes. To fully enjoy the Breton coastline, what could be better than a picnic on the beach? But a zero waste picnic is even better!

So don't forget to equip yourself with a water bottle, bamboo dishes, a set of Bini cutlery (a brand from Vannes), a pie bag and beeswax packaging, made by local designers. Find all these essential accessories for a waste-free picnic in the bulk grocery stores of the region.


Bulk grocery stores in the Gulf of Morbihan

Vannes and its surroundings benefit from a large number of bulk grocery stores that advocate zero waste and local products.


Here is our list of bulk grocery stores in Vannes and its surroundings:

  • Le Verre Doseur, in the inner city of Vannes
  • Mamie Mesure in Vannes
  • Bocaux Garnis in Vannes
  • Bravo et Merci, drive way, in Theix-Noyalo
  • Bono Loco, in Le Bono
  • The Odyssey of bulk in Surzur
  • Ti Boco in "Truck" mode in Treffléan, Elven and Baden

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Stay in an eco-responsible hotel

During your getaway in Southern Brittany, choose an eco-responsible hotel, concerned about the environment.

Our Best Western Plus Vannes Centre-Ville hotel is committed to the planet by adopting an environmental approach. Indeed, we are members of Too Good To Go for several years now. Moreover, our hotel has obtained once again the Green Key Label for the year 2022.

Our establishment is committed to respecting a strict environmental charter and to fight against food waste.

To learn more about the environmental measures implemented in our establishment, discover our CSR policy.



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