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Spring activities in Brittany


Enjoy the nice weather in Morbihan

With this beautiful Breton sunshine, there's no question of staying at home... Take part in outdoor activities!

During your getaway in Vannes, recharge your batteries and enjoy the incredible quality of life that Morbihan has to offer. You don't know what to do in spring? We have the solution!

Whether with friends, family or alone, spring offers many possibilities. Impossible to get bored in Southern Brittany when the nice days arrive...


Spring activities in Brittany 


Follow in the footsteps of spring

The Gulf of Morbihan is full of magnificent landscapes with an exceptional fauna and flora.

Go and meet the signs of spring by encouraging your five senses: What do you see? What do you smell? What do you feel?


Zenitude and flexibility

What could be better than to recharge your batteries in the fresh air of nature? A yoga session is ideal for this. Become one with your mind and body, and improve your flexibility.

There are plenty of parks and green spaces in Vannes, so take advantage of them and try the many yoga postures such as the sun salutation, the stork posture or the grasshopper.


Like an iodized air

Discover the landscapes of the Gulf of Morbihan by walking along the coastal paths. Admire the strength of the currents, the sun reflecting on the sea, the different shades of the sky, the waves that crash on the beach...

An outing full of resources, in cohesion with nature and the sea. It would be a shame not to enjoy the ocean during your getaway in Brittany...

Your creativity in the spotlight

Let your imagination run wild and compose a very creative bouquet of flowers. You can take it home to brighten up your home or in one of our rooms to start the day in a good mood.

And if you want to please your friends and family, offer them your most beautiful bouquet of flowers!



It's time to pedal! Combine sport and relaxation by cycling through Vannes and its surroundings. Numerous cycling circuits from Vannes await you to discover the Morbihan in complete freedom.


Fishing !

When the weather is good, you can go fishing! Fishing on foot, trolling, casting or angling, these different types of fishing in Brittany will fill you with joy.

A fun activity not to be missed during your stay in Brittany. However, beware of the regulations for recreational fishing in Morbihan.


What will you fish today?
Shellfish, small or big fish? With a little luck, a Breton lobster!


Culture and nature

A little reading doesn't hurt!

Make yourself comfortable, equip yourself with your book of the moment and enjoy an idyllic reading environment. The sound of the birds and the sweet smell of the surrounding flowers will leave you in a soothing atmosphere, ideal for immersing yourself in the universe of your book.

We recommend you the gardens of Vannes or the seaside, Conleau is not far ;)


Simple and greedy pleasure

That's it, picnic time is here!

Go for a day trip and take with you what you need to picnic. An original way to discover the Morbihan and its many typical Breton spots.

Whether you prefer a picnic on the beach, a picnic on an island during a boat trip or a picnic in the nature, you will be spoilt for choice around Vannes.


A well-deserved rest in Vannes

When you return from your day in the open air, rest in our hotel-restaurant in Vannes.

In a modern decoration with contemporary and tropical notes, our bar-restaurant space, with its patio, is a real haven of peace.

Sip our cocktail of the month, accompanied by tapas and relax. Enjoy the last rays of sunshine and reminisce about your eventful day.



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