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Walk of Cadoudal's path in Locoal-Mendon in Ria d'Étel


A walk between land and sea in Locoal-Mendon

You want to get some fresh air? It's a good thing, we propose you a walk combining forest and Breton coast, for a guaranteed wonder!

Locoal-Mendon, a little-known commune in the South Morbihan, has some very nice unsuspected corners, which you must discover.

Get back in touch with nature, clear your mind and smell the woody air... then admire the beauty of the sea, its activity and breathe its iodized air. With a bit of luck, you will come across rare Breton birds, depending on the period.


An easy hike to discover the Ria d'Étel

A nice three-kilometer walk along the Ria d'Étel awaits you, with many discoveries along the way. Wooded path, remarkable trees, exceptional panoramas on the Ria d'Etel, oyster beds, gorse, pretty little creeks... this hiking trail in Brittany has everything to please you!

To get there, take the direction of Locoal-Mendon, then follow "Pointe de la Forest". At the end of this road, you will find a parking lot. The starting point is located here.

The walk starts with a wide and wooded path. Then the path becomes narrower, lined with old low stone walls covered with moss.

A few meters further on, on an embankment, is the cache of Cadoudal, General Chouan, well known for his numerous feats of arms during the Revolution. Inside this cache, there is a small space in which one can imagine the Chouans hiding, preparing an ambush for the Republicans. The Chouanne history is impregnated with the place.

Following the walk, a small clearing in the center of which stands a breathtaking secular oak. Remarkable trees, flush roots and branches are present in this part of the hike.

The path then leads to a magnificent panorama of the Ria d'Étel, at Beg Lannec. According to the tides, you will be able to see the oyster beds and pretty little beaches. Walk along the Ria, look at the horizon and discover Saint-Cado, Sainte-Hélène and several small islands.

The walk continues, punctuated by tall pines, gorse and beaches.

Then comes the end of this hike in Morbihan. Take the road, on the left, to find the starting parking lot.

A walk to discover in Brittany at high and low tide, to admire landscapes and panoramas under another face.


The Ria d'Étel : a must during your vacations in Morbihan

Quiet, peaceful and authentic corner, the Ria d'Etel has many secrets for you to discover. Stretching over seven charming communes and depending on where you are, the panoramas may differ, while remaining just as magnificent.

Rejuvenate yourself through walks in the fresh air and discover atypical houses of local fishermen, enjoy water sports, learn more about the history of this region at the museum of tuna boats in Étel or discover numerous exhibitions of artists...

But above all, don't miss the must-see sites of the Ria d'Étel, in Morbihan!

the ria d'etel in morbihan, saint-cado, barre d'etel, pont-lorois, magouer boat cemetery

  • Cemetery of boats, in Magouër
  • Barre d'Étel
  • Port-Niscop, in Belz
  • Island of Saint-Cado and the house of Nichtarguer


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