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Why organise a company seminar?

This practice has become very popular over the last few years, as the company seminar has practically become a must. What is a company seminar? And why organise one?

What is a company seminar?

A company seminar includes a number of activities organised outside of work with the aim of stimulating the creativity and productivity of teams, strengthening cohesion between employees or simply rewarding them. Some seminars bring together only the company's managers and others are organised for all employees.

This event can take many forms and is usually held in a friendly venue that is conducive to interaction, to get employees to communicate with each other.

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The different types of corporate seminars or events

There are 5 types of company seminars:

The training seminar, intended to train employees in order to strengthen their skills. In this case, no fun activities are planned, but training on new procedures or work methods is provided.

The management seminar, aimed at managers and/or project leaders, to train them on various management techniques to motivate their teams.

The management seminar, which is also aimed at managers and executives, with the objective of bringing them together to analyse the company's situation and to take one or more necessary decisions.

The integration seminar, organised to welcome new employees in a relaxed setting and facilitate their integration.

The team building seminar, designed to promote the well-being of staff with the aim of strengthening their cohesion and motivation and stimulating their creativity. A team building event allows employees to have fun, but also to evacuate stress and fight against burn-out.

What can I use a seminar for?

A company seminar to strengthen team cohesion and internal communication

This company event benefits both the employer and the employee. During these events, employers and employees learn to communicate better and get to know each other. Thanks to the team building seminar, many companies have been able to create cohesion within their teams but also to reinforce solidarity by proposing extra-professional activities. These events also allow the company culture to be passed on to employees and new arrivals.

The setting is very important, because the more friendly it is, the easier it is to exchange ideas. The same applies to the activities offered, which can be cultural, sporting or artistic, but they must encourage exchanges and relaxation.

A company seminar to promote the growth of the company

The company seminar meets several objectives, which is its advantage for a company. A real management tool, it is essential for the growth of the company and helps to strengthen internal communication. Organising a company seminar will motivate its teams, boost employee productivity and reinforce the culture of belonging to the company, which can only have a positive effect on the year. For an employee, knowing that the company in which he or she works considers him or her and not only what he or she produces is motivating. If all employees are motivated, then this obviously has an impact on productivity and on the development of the company.

It should not be forgotten that for an optimal result a seminar must meet very precise objectives defined beforehand, whatever the type of event.

It is above all a tool for human interaction!

Elements to take into account when organising a seminar

When organising a team building or professional seminar in Morbihan, you need to take several elements into account.

First of all, you need to define the objectives and the budget, then take into account the setting and the originality of the activities. The choice of a suitable seminar venue will depend on its capacity, its accessibility and its geographical location.

The capacity of the venue will vary according to the type of event planned. Indeed, a meeting room is totally adapted to an executive seminar, while a green place is more appropriate for a nature seminar.


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Your seminar in Vannes in Morbihan

In the heart of Vannes, we offer you several spaces adapted for your seminars and professional events.

Our establishment located in the city centre of Vannes near the Golfe du Morbihan, is the ideal place to combine comfort and discovery of Brittany. Numerous team building activities are available: paddle boarding, boat cruise, golf initiation, segway discovery of the city, coaching workshop, Breton dance, catamaran raid on an island in the Gulf, treasure hunt, accrobranche...

Do you need to eat on site without wasting time? Does your event last several days? Our Séminaire Vannes structure has everything you need for a successful seminar: 10 seminar rooms, 2 restaurants, a green patio and 130 hotel rooms or apartments ranging from 3 to 4 stars.
Green seminars are becoming increasingly popular with companies, and our Best Western Plus Vannes Centre-ville hotel offers you an eco-responsible seminar.

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Select original activities and atypical places to motivate and impress your participants!


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