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Too Good To Go application against food waste

Too Good To Go in Vannes is a community that fights against food waste via an application, which allows citizens to come and recover unsold goods from retailers before they are thrown away. Our hotel Best Western Plus Vannes Centre-Ville and its restaurant Côté Patio are part of this initiative and give everyone the opportunity to get involved in this process.


Your Côté Patio restaurant is taking action for the planet thanks to Too Good To Go

Join this community of anti-waste heroes by downloading the Too Good To Go application, which allows you to buy quality meals at low prices at the Patio Sainte-Anne restaurant in Vannes, in the city centre.

Too Good To Go's mission is to contribute as much as possible to the creation of a global movement against food waste. Tons of food are lost every day, all along the food chain, from the field to the plate.

And it's not just food that is wasted, but all the resources that went into producing it: the water brought to the land, the labour, the energy and everything else. It is for these many reasons that food waste is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. If waste were a country, it would be the third most polluting country behind China and the United States.

All together against waste!


How the Too Good To Go application works at Côté Patio

The whole principle of Too Good To Go is based on a surprise basket, made up of the unsold food of the day from the Patio Sainte-Anne restaurant in Vannes. These unsold products do not want to end up in the bin and are just waiting for you to eat them!


Too Good To Go applicationToo Good To Go Bag


Unsold goods are our fresh products of the day that we can no longer sell the next day: pastries, dishes of the day...

So you don't know exactly what you're going to eat, but everyone benefits: the consumer, who eats at a lower cost; the shopkeepers, who earn a few euros on products that they won't be able to sell the next day; and the planet, because we limit the waste of its resources.


  • How does it work?

- Install the Too Good to Go application on your smartphone
- Locate the Côté Patio restaurant
- Choose your meal/baskets and order your portion of unsold food at a low price on the app
- Collect your basket at the time indicated at the restaurant
- Enjoy your meal!


Our hotel-restaurant in Vannes is committed to the planet

Our contemporary brasserie Le Patio Sainte-Anne welcomes you in a modern and tropical atmosphere. Located in the centre of Vannes, you can easily get there.

The restaurant of the Best Western Plus Vannes Centre-Ville offers simple and modern cuisine, as well as tapas and seafood dishes. The dishes in our restaurant Le Patio Sainte-Anne are prepared with local and seasonal products.

Our establishment in Brittany has obtained the Green Key label: the first national and international environmental label for tourist accommodation and restaurants. Our team promotes renewable energy sources, good water and waste management, as well as staff awareness of the local environment to ensure that our guests' stay is responsible.

Today, our membership to Too Good to Go supports our commitment to the planet.

You too can take action!