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Presqu'ile de Rhuys


From Saint Armel to Arzon, welcome on the peninsula Rhuys.

Just after the Hezo, visit the island of Tascon then the salt marshes of Lasne.
Go through Penvins Point.

For youngs and olders, the park Celt'aventure offers courses of tree climbing and laser quest.

Continue by Sarzeau, the large beach of Landrezac is by far the most frequented, but do not forget to discover the many surrounding coastlines such as Beg Lann, Roaliguen and Kerfontaine.

You will surely pass by the beach of Suscinio near which is the splendid castle dating from the Middle Ages.

The famous port of Crouesty is home to many shops and restaurants and offers free concerts and shows during the summer.
Take a stroll along the beaches of Port-Navalo, at the tip of the city to discover magical places that will allow you to admire the Gulf from another angle.

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